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Rhilah is a two planet system found in the center of a cooling planetary nebula. The expanding gasses of an ancient supernova have begun to cool down to a temperature of 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. These gasses enveloped two orphan planets and due to the magnetic field generated by the interaction between the planet’s atmosphere and the ionized gasses of the nebula rendered the planets capable of sustaining life. Both planets are primarily ocean worlds with a series of island chains comprising the majority of landmasses. Rhilah one has been developed as the new homeworld of the Quarin race while Rhilah two has been quarantined as a spawning world. The Quarin’s original home was a system they referred to as K’Thin’quetal which was destroyed in a war against the human separatists known as the neo spartans. The system is now known as TJ’s Rock after the leader of the Neo-Spartans.

Owed to lovecraft by brigebane

The Quarin are a race of highly advanced carnivorous cephalopods. Quarin breed by spawning a couple thousand tiny eggs. As they eggs hatch the hatchlings fight and eat each other. The race stores its memory engrams throughout their body and can absorb new engrams via digestion, so they get the experiences of each Quarin that is eaten. As they grow they begin to ally with creche mates, conquering other creches and thus learning early on that weakness is not tolerated. By the time the hatchlings are about down to a single creche of a dozen or so the hatchlings are around the size of a large dog, have gained self awareness, and their predatory nature has been tempered by the experience of been eaten a hundred times. At that point they are now considered children instead of beasts and are taken by the elder sect to begin learning. This process of can take up to a year and creates a strong feeling of alliance within the civilization as well as making them wary of outside races.

The society is formed of 14 houses which form a council directed by the eldest Quarin in each house. The eldest are expected to commit their existence to the running of the civilization and when they can not continue their duties are eaten by the next in line in order to ensure continence of government.


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