Harrison's Respite

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System Under Siege
City Mouse, Country Mouse
Vegan for Victory!

The world of Harrison’s Respite was settled long before the extremists known as :Placeholder: attacked K’Thin’quetal, at a time when having to travel through Quarin space to get to the other human systems was no big deal. But now the system known as TJ’s Rock lies between Respite and the rest of humanity, and crossing through that system is perilous in the extreme. Only the bravest and most skilled crews attempt to run the blockade, and on Harrison’s Respite they are treated as the heroes they are.

With travel to other human systems so difficult the people of Respite had to turn the Quarian refugees as their only source of trade. While there are several useful things the Quarians have to offer, their ability to create and repair the Slipdrives is the most valued as the only human systems that can create them is on the other side of a system full of madmen.

Luckily the people of Harrison’s Respite also have something the carnivorous Quarians want, fresh meat. Huge portions of the planet have been given over to agriculture to supply the Quarians with all the meat they can handle. Eating meat on Respite is very rare and strongly looked down upon as most agree that they must save every scrap for trade.

The siege mentality of the people of Respite colors much of what they do, and from the herdsman raising animals for the slaughter, to the workers in shipyards building and repairing blockade runners, to the highly respected traders who have learned the Quarian tounge, everyone works towards their communal goal….Victory!

Harrison's Respite

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