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Plantagenees is King, Science is God
Citizenship is Earned
Homeworld of Humanity


The first planet in the Terra System, known as Terra Prime, is the oldest human world in the cluster and all other humans can trace their ancestory back to here. Terrans as a people are obsessed with scientific study, and pursuit of knowledge defines much of their lives. Rigorous, and some would say brutal tests determine not only a citizens profession but also social status, with full citizenship reserved for those who can achieve minimum scores. When cybornetics became availible several centuries ago there was a mad rush among Terrans to upgrade, with limited suppy meaning only the elite had true access. As the smartest Terrans tended to marry their children already had an edge in the tests that was improved by access to the best schools, but with the addition of cybornetic augmentation for the elite it status became ever more tied to family until a nobility formed and the smartest man was declared High Academ, which was just another name for King. Despite the advantages of the nobles the tests for status and position are still fairly administered sometimes a plebe will test into the elite and a few noble children fall into the lower classes every year, but it is becoming more rare each day.

Terrans as a people are obsessed with scientific study, and when slipknot technology was discovered colonization was initially encouraged as a means to gather data for new studies in a variety of fields. This preocupation with knowledge over all led to Terra being relativly hands off with regards to its colonies as long as they sent back data and didn’t cause any trouble for Terra. As such most systems still technically recognize the High Academ as the head of state, but other than celebrating royal weddings and seeing his or her face on the money this doesn’t mean much to most non-Terrans. On Terra Prime however the High Academ and a body of the one hundred smartest Terran nobles known as the Acadamy rule.

The Terran Navy however is a very real presence in the cluster. Originally raised to protect scientific missions to other worlds it quickly became an excuse for developing new ships and weapons for some Terran scientists and has since taken on a life of its own, especially since it was called upon to put down a violent extremist group. Service in the Navy is the only way most Plebes can get access to Augmentation, and completion of a ten year tour of duty is rewarded with citizenship. This ensures a steady stream of recruits, though the officer corps is still dominated by the elite.

Notable Features

  • Almost everyone on Terra Prime lives in one of the large steel and glass cities that cover much of the surface. Large, mostly automated farms and mines providing most of the resources needed by Terra account for most of the rest.
  • The Academ’s palace known as the Spire of Intellect is located in the center of the capital city of Novum Veritas
  • Names on Terra Prime tend to be Roman and Greek inspired


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