Archis Reclaimed

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Overview and History

Strewn across the wreckage of a blighted system, the Terran colony of Archis Reclaimed is an industrial hodge-podge of scientists and miners tenaciously clinging to a meager existence. Ten thousand years ago, this system was home to an ancient civilization whose technological ingenuity has yet to be surpassed; now, its people are long since dead or departed, and their planets lie in ruin. Twenty years ago, a Terran mining expedition lead by the legendary Captain Osaiah Arch uncovered remnants of that civilization, naming it after their commander and later returning to establish a colony on its only surviving moon. Today, they make a living by exporting these relics to Terra Prime.


“Heard you don’t care to be here, son. Good; that’s the only thing we Archans have in common.”
-Deputy Sorter Enry Banes

The human inhabitants of Archis Reclaimed are primarily composed of bureaucrats and scientists from the Terran Empire. Any civil servant lacking the ambition or competence to advance within his or her field lives in constant fear of an “invitation” to join the archaeological work at Archis.

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Picking up the Pieces
Reliquary of Rejects

Archis Reclaimed

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