Gwendolyn Kindall

Reckless Pilot


Name: Gwendolyn Kindall
Homeworld: Harrison’s Respite

5 – Pilot
4 – Aircraft, Alertness
3 – Intimidate, Resolve, Profession (Respite Navy)
2 – Vehicles, Energy Weapons, Navigation, Culture/Tech (Mentat, Terra)
1 – Assets, Stamina, Brawling, Brokerage, Animal Handler

Aspects: Caution is for boys, Flys like a girl, “I went to the Acadamy, not Charm School”, Worth the risks, No good deed, The adventure is worth it, “I work with the best”, Takes the jobs others won’t, “This is MY ship!”, Home again Home again

Stunts: The Fire Rabbit (her ship), Military Grade Pilot, Military Grade Energy Weapons

Gear: Ares Industries Modulating Energy Revolver (AIMER) Model 27 Pulse Laser [Harm 2, Range 1-4, Pen 1, Low Recoil]
7 Ship’s Captain Uniforms, 4 sets of work clothes, 1 dress


Phase One: Gwen grew up on a farm on Harrison’s Respite. Her mother taught her how to tend the animals, but her father taught her to fly. He had been a blockade runner for the Respite Fleet and she wanted to be just like him when she grew up. Everyone on Respite treated the blockade runners like heroes, and a hero is what she wanted to be. She wanted to join the Acadamy and learn to be a pilot like her father but her mother thought it was to dangerous. When her father died she ran away from home and joined the Navy.
Aspects: Flys like a girl, Caution is for boys

Phase Two: As a pilot in the Respite Fleet Gwen quickly distinguished herself both for her piloting skills and her brashness. She earned a lot of respect for the former, and a lot of enmity for the latter. While the Acadamy encouraged a daredevil attitude, no one would run blockades without it, her instructors thought she took to many risks.
Aspects: Worth the risks, “I went to the Acadamy, not Charm School”

Phase Three: Returning from a cargo run through Reaver Space, Gwen saw a small shuttle that was under Reaver attack. She turned the ship to help, but was order to avoid the situation by Captain. Fleet protocal was clear, the cargo was more important than anything, especially strangers who wandering into Reaver space. She punched her Captain out and rescued them anyway. When the arrived back at Harrison’s Respite she was dishonorably discharged.
Aspects: The adventure is always worth it, No good deed

Phase Four: After being bounced from the Navy Gwen got a ship and went into business as a transporter specializing in high risk jobs. While transporting a mercenary company they came under attack. When her Comms Officer died one of the mercenaries, a Chitkon named Bunny, took his station and better job than the dead man ever had. Gwen quickly got the Hunnybee to sign on.
Aspects: “I work with the best”, Takes the jobs others won’t

Phase Five: Gwen has assembles a crew of the people [more or less] that she can find. Her desire to be the best has transfered from service in the Navy to being the best trader in the Cluster. Since slavish adherance to the rules was never her strong suit that includes less than legal trades. She tells anyone who will listen, especially herself, that she doesn’t care about Harrison’s Respite anymore, but her secret desire is to find something in her trading so good that she can give it to Respite and be welcomed back.
Aspects: “This is MY ship!”, Home Again Home Again

Gwendolyn Kindall

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